As I find myself maturing in years I do find it that my life surprises are certainly becoming less frequent, so it was immensely refreshing to come across an accommodation location that was so ‘out of the box’ as the one that I uncovered on a recent trip to Sydney town, that I was beaming with delight.

Even though the hotel I speak of is somewhat hidden, encased inside one of the most historic buildings on the shores of the magnificent Sydney Harbour, it is certainly one that boasts a very visible and obvious vibe once you step into its welcoming entrance.

Ovolo Hotels is entrenched inside the historic splendour of the longest timbered-piled wharf in the world. A now Heritage Listed edifice that for many years served Sydneysiders under many varied guises, including being the exit point for our once booming wool exports. It has also served as the step off point for many of our soldiers heading off to defend our shores and the arrival point for many a “Ten Pound Pom” and migrant from Europe.

Nowadays, she shines as a diverse mix of celebrated architecture, artistic flair and five-star fun! All throughout the hotel you are saluted by cheeky mottos, groovy nooks to hang out in and a loud and proud sentiment that almost becomes intoxicating.

The rooms at Ovolo Woolloomooloo are a mash of eclecticism, funk, comfort, art and vitality. Certainly not your ‘cookie cutter’ type that you may have experienced in some of the larger chain brands. General Manager Kieron Hunt so exquisitely describes his hotel as “loud and proud” and he is spot on the money. Watching Kieron interact with his staff gave me a total understanding of why the venue has the warm, excepting and welcoming feel it does. I believe every staff member actually wants to be there and are all on the same page.

Ovolo Woolloomooloo is also the hotel that just keeps on giving, with an array of inclusions that seem endless. Now stay with me a minute while I run a few of these perks past you and then try and tell me that you’re not impressed.

  • Sundowner drinks at social hour down in Alibi.
  • Complimentary breakfast with a healthy and energizing slant to start your day.
  • Free Mini Bar, that will be replenished on every day of your stay.
  • Free loot bag, filled with all sort of goodies.
  • All day sweet treats, for those that crave a little sugar hit.
  • 24-hour gym.
  • Superspeed WI-FI
  • Self-service laundry, should you need to clean up you act.
  • Free Eight Ball Pool and old school video games down at Bar Alibi (you will feel like a teenager again).

That’s not even the end of the delights that are afforded you during your visit, but you get my drift, right?

Ovolo Woolloomooloo Boutique Luxury Designed Hotel Sydney

With Finger Wharf housing many brilliant external restaurants including, Otto, Kinsley’s and China Doll, you will certainly be spoilt for choice, but if you have ever had the desire to experience the world of plant-based dining then you are in for a real treat with Ovolo housing Alibi Bar and Kitchen. Seriously, this zone of the hotel is a hip hangout and I don’t care what age you are! Creative cocktails by name and essence. An extensive and charismatic wine list with a wine for all comers and occasions. Never really being a trumpeter of the Vegan way of life, I was somewhat apprehensive when it came to my dining experience.

Alibi is under the design of world-renowned plant-based chef Matthew Kenny and helmed by Head Chef Kevin Voon and Executive Chef Tom Liang and with the food philosophy of clean food to never fail to deliver on taste. It certainly did not. My dining experience was certainly unexpected and absolutely delicious. Heads up, don’t miss out on the Fable Dumplings! Oh my, they were music to my taste buds.

Check out the full menu online to get the full effect of what’s on offer. Trust me on this my friends, when you make a visit to Ovolo Woolloomooloo, you will experience a hotel that is breaking rules and setting the bar, and I believe you will want to add another night to your stay.

Oh, and ask to see Kieron Hunt, the GM as he loves to welcome new faces and will probably give you a cuddle as well!

Don’t Miss:

The marvellous music tracks that echo throughout the hotel proper, you won’t be able to stop yourself singing along.
Right on your doorstep is the magnificent Botanic Gardens and the wonderful Art Gallery of NSW. Oh and of course our majestic Sydney Harbour.
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