I have always wanted a boat. Didn’t really care what sort. Well, one stipulation was that it must have a motor. The romance of a sail boat has enticed at times, but I am the sort of guy who wants to get on and get going.
Sailing just always seemed like too much hard work, with all those sails and ropes. I could be wrong, but I probably will never find out now that I have experienced bareboat hiring.
Now, some of you may be reading this and be thinking, Scotty, I have never skippered a boat in my life. How the heck am I going to be able to handle an unfamiliar vessel, with a group of friends, or my family or heaven forbid, what if it’s just me and my partner? Is this even something I should be considering!? Okay here’s the deal, and no word of a lie.
I have minimal boating experience, but if you can drive a car, you can steer a boat. My first mate (my lovely wife), had no boating experience at all, and we managed only two marital moments when it came to what I believe was our hardest task, and that was tying up to a mooring. By the end of our three days on the water, Sam was nailing the moorings on her first attempt. Besides, you don’t embark on your nautical adventure without getting the run of the vessel first.

Niels and Henry at Church Point Charter are the fundamental professionals when it comes to making sure that the vessel is in tip top shape and everything has been safety checked accordingly before you board. The chosen skipper and anyone that wants to be part of the crew are also given an induction to the general operation’s and rules prior to your cruising experience. The boys will also give you a locals perspective on some of the must visit’s and the perfect overnight mooring locations depending on the winds and tides at the time. If you are smart, like I like to think I am, you will organise to go through this process prior to your hire day as it will give you more time on the water experiencing the splendour of Pittwater.
The conditions we encountered on our sojourn determined that we could only explore the waterways extending from Church Point north towards Palm Beach and across to the Basin but there is so much more to Pittwater and that has only made me book my return as I must experience the estuaries that extend from the mouth of Broken Bay west towards, Cottage Point. The magic of Jerusalem and Refuge Bays and the sandstone cliffs of the surrounding Ku-ring-gai Chase national Park are beckoning my presence. If, I was to talk about highlights, for me I would say the serenity of Towlers Bay as an overnight location was definitely a stand out.
The Basin was our daytime hang and was the perfect combination of fun and sun, a safe swimming location and the opportunity to walk a few bush tracks and meet the local fauna. Come morning I would grab the tinny head ashore and encountered Wallabies, Echidnas and Water Dragons. I also witnessed a glorious Sea Eagle grab an unwary fish and enjoy breakfast perched in a tree overlooking us. That was a sight to behold.

There is a wonderful sense of freedom you will experience cruising Pittwater, we certainly did. The calmness of the water will set you at ease. Having the creature comforts of home albeit downsized a tad, make it comfortable yet still practical and at the end of the day when you have a full belly and a couple of relaxing beverages, you will be gently rocked to sleep in your snug and cosy cabin.

Don’t forget to take advantage of having the boat stocked with some of the goodies available on offer from the team at Waterfront Café and General store. You will genuinely be glad you did, as it just takes the whole experience to a divine level.
The beauty of having the bulk of your foodie desires already onboard and waiting for you is not to be taken lightly. It’s just less for you to worry about and of course for you to have to organise. You just look at the pre order list from Waterfront Café and it will be pre-loaded and placed in the appropriate fridge or esky for you to enjoy at your leisure. Simple as that. Oh, and there is a heck of a lot to choose from, and all at more than reasonable prices. If you have ever dined at the much-loved Church Point institution you will understand what I mean. Always top-quality produce and service, and you always leave with your expectations more than fulfilled.
A few examples of the divine offerings available to placate your taste buds include; Antipasto Platters, Breaky Boxes, Seafood Platters, Grazing Plates with fine wines and Champagnes for those relaxing afternoons on the outer deck. It seriously is a no brainer to have them pre-stock ‘The Solitude’ for you. Also, from now until the end of September you can take advantage of a special ‘Travellingguy’ deal with $100 off the rental of Solitude and a $50 discount on your welcome aboard pack. Just head to Thetravellingguy.com for more details.
So, what are you waiting for my friends? Grab a couple of friends or maybe even your kids if you’re looking for a family adventure and hit Pittwater for some nautical fun.