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🌟 Embrace the Exotic: Scotty McRae’s Signature Sri Lanka Tour 🌟

This November 2024, escape the ordinary and embark on a journey unlike any other to the enchanting island of Sri Lanka with Scotty McRae, your seasoned guide and the heart behind ‘The Travelling Guy’. Known for its spellbinding diversity, from pristine golden beaches to mist-shrouded mountains, Sri Lanka is a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be explored.

✨ Why Sri Lanka with Scotty?

Personalized Exploration: Join Scotty as he personally leads you through the ‘teardrop of India’, sharing insights and stories that breathe life into every experience. With Scotty’s 20+ years of travel expertise, you’re not just visiting; you’re immersing yourself in the essence of Sri Lanka.

✨ Exclusive Highlights:

  • Wander through ancient temples and quaint villages steeped in history.
  • Revel in the natural beauty of lush landscapes, from golden shores to misty peaks.
  • Encounter Sri Lanka’s majestic wildlife, including elephants and leopards, in their natural habitat.
  • Experience the thrill of an extraordinary train journey from Rambukkana to Ella, and zipline at Little Adam’s Peak for that adrenaline rush.

✨ Culinary Delights:

Dive into the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan cuisine, a testament to the island’s vibrant culture and ethnic diversity. Each meal is an adventure in itself, promising to tantalize your taste buds with exotic flavors and dishes.

✨Journey of Discovery:

This 14-day tour is designed to enrich your soul, broaden your horizons, and fill your heart with unforgettable memories. From the serene to the spectacular, each day unveils a new facet of Sri Lanka’s allure.

✨Let Scotty Handle the Details:

From luxurious 4-star accommodations to meticulously planned itineraries, Scotty does the groundwork so you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty and adventure of Sri Lanka. Early bird bookings are now open with savings of $300 per person, but hurry – only 10 spots are available!

✨A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity Awaits:

Don’t miss your chance to discover the splendors of Sri Lanka with an expert guide at your side. Scotty McRae’s personal touch and deep passion for travel transform this tour into an extraordinary adventure that goes beyond the typical tourist paths.

Secure Your Spot on This Unforgettable Journey

A 50% deposit required to secure your booking. Flying with Sri Lankan Air, Accommodation 4-Star, Single Supplement applies. Optional Extra 2 nights in the Maldives!!
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