Here is where you will find some handy tips on hassle free travel from Scotty.

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Make copies/backups of your important travel documents.

Make copies of your important travel documents, like your passport and insurance details or ID. Best to always keep them in a separate bag to the originals.

Your luggage tags

Some people like to have a unique style of luggage tag on their bags so as to distinguish them from similar bags. That’s ok but never have your address on the tag, a phone number is all that’s needed.

Take photos of your luggage

Take photos of your luggage. Now it’s unlikely that your chosen airline will lose it for you, but it pays to be covered should you have to hunt it down. This will make sure the airline knows what they’re looking for. And always keep your baggage ticket until you have collected your prized items.

The important stuff

This one’s a no brainer, keep all your electronics, passport, wallet, medications and other necessities with you at all times. Peace of mind knowing they’re safe and sound with you.

Ask your hotel about in house Safes

Take advantage of in-house safes at hotels if you are one that worries about carrying said necessities. Just remember when you check out that you have your important items in there!! Yes, I’m guilty of that one.

Ear plugs are your best friend

Long haul flights can be tough for the best of us and when there’s a crying baby, or a loud talker or two, then ear plugs will be your best friend. Of course, many of us take our noise cancelling headphones these days and I must say, I swear by them. Definitely worth the investment for frequent flyers.

Airline loyalty

Airline loyalty is massive and if you can stick with one carrier, especially if you travel often and you do a lot of long-haul flights you’ll see the benefits not only from your points being accrued but you’ll have a lot more success when asking for those elusive upgrades!

Don’t over pack!

Don’t over pack!! How many times have you returned from an adventure and noticed that you took a few items that never made it out of the suitcase. It takes a little bit of discipline for some but you’ll drag around less weight for starters. Also, when it comes to packing, I always roll my clothes, they seem to not get all wrinkled and it seems to give me more luggage space.

Local tips

Local knowledge is always a gem, especially if you’re a little adventurous. Get friendly with the local barista or barman or street vendor and get a few local tips out of them. You never know what little gem you may uncover.