When it comes to holiday destinations under 10 hours flight time from my home base of Sydney, Singapore has always been a personal favourite. So, when they became one of our neighbouring countries and relaxed their Covid entry requirements a little more last week, I was more than eager to return. Singapore has so many travel prerequisites covered. It’s a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives.

Cuisine that is influenced by its diverse population from all around Asia. Think Eurasians, Peranakans, Indonesians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Middle Eastern settlers, and a few English, and you get my drift, right?

A foodie’s dream destination, where you can visit a hawkers centre in Chinatown or Arab Street and eat yourself silly for $20 AUD. Yes, you will be able to roll out!
The cityscape, while developing some of the most stunning skyscrapers with a significant tilt towards sustainability and constructed to wow, you will see architecture that has firmly held on to its Art Deco, Colonial history and charm.If you’re travelling with the family and want to earn major brownie points, Sentosa Island with its almost endless enthralling alternatives are undoubtedly a must-see when visiting “Instant Asia.” It really is a place jammed full of fun and you probably need to drive yourselves a couple of days here to experience the best of it. You can reach Sentosa by cable car with its amazing views or the monorail, but the pedestrian boardwalk is another alternative and a terrific example of Singapore’s modern way of life and you can pretend to burn a few of those holiday calories while enjoying the ‘walk’.

Once there, the possibilities are quite incredible! As I exited the Cable car and its spectacular view, I proceeded to the Islands’ newest attraction, “The Skyhelix,” an open-air gondola-style ride that slowly rises 79 metres above sea level, providing 360-degree views as far as the eye can see. If you have a fear of heights, maybe walk past this one. As I travelled across the island on yet another cable car, I was struck by the beauty of the island’s beaches, where you could easily spend a relaxing afternoon soaking up the Singapore sun. Unfortunately, I was on a mission and the clock was ticking.

Resorts World Sentosa was next and it was as mind blowing as I was led to believe. I found it almost impossible to comprehend how many entertainment, accommodation and restaurant options could be squeezed into 50 acres and not make you feel claustrophobic? Still plenty of open space and green settings to enjoy and then you have to decide how many of the attractions to visit!. Adventure Cove Waterpark, family fun aplenty here and on a steamy Singapore day you might not want to leave. S.E.A. Aquarium, one of the biggest and engaging aquariums I have seen, and it’s even getting bigger with extensions planned for the near future. For me though, and not normally one for the Theme parks, Universal Studios was an absolute cracker. Do not miss out on riding “The Mummy” and “Transformers” rides, they are an experience unto themselves.

Must Do:

I had the pleasure of walking through Chinatown with renowned artist and street muralist Yip Yew Chong, who offered me an insight into some of his unique and captivating works. This is one you can do yourself, and it will only cost you your time and your imagination. Not only do you get an insight into the Yew Chong’s Chinatown, but you will also be taken back in time if you allow yourself. It’s as if you could walk inside the artwork and become a part of his personal history.

Getting There:

If you are looking for a super cost-effective choice when flying to Singapore, I suggest you give Singapore Airlines low cost carrier ‘Scoot’ a go. My journey was seamless and surprisingly very comfortable. The “Scooties” as the staff are affectionately dubbed are up there with the most helpful and attentive flight crews I have experienced ever. Also flying in the big bodied sleek and stylish Dreamliner certainly removed any restrained feelings you may experience elsewhere.Scoot’s versions of Economy, Premium and Business are also ‘out of the box’ with the choice of Economy, Scoot in Silence (no kids in sight) and Scootplus (Scoots Business Class).

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Swissotel Stamford not only provides a master class in delivering slick service and luxurious accommodations, it is located in one of the most accessible and scenic positions possible. Finally reopened after two long years serving as a quarantine hotel, staff here are in raptures at the return of much missed travelling guests. Affordable lavishness is the go here and every room is brimming with chic design and technology-enhanced trimmings. With some delightful dining options in house and the direct connection to the alluring shopping precinct of Raffles City you will be more than happy with your surroundings.The hotel is also big on being environmentally aware and even have their own Aquaponics Garden where fish and vegetables grow together in an integrated system – fish waste is converted to nitrates, which the vegetables use as fertilizers; while the latter filter and clean the water for the fish, lowering the consumption of water as compared to soil gardening. This supplies the hotel with a massive percentage of their lettuce, micro herbs and basil.My Travellingguy tip at Swissotel is to treat yourself to a meal or at the very least a couple of sundowners at Skai on the 70th floor. Beautiful views and delectable cuisine.

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