Circa 1928 – History and Modern design combine for the ultimate outcome.

Right now, in travel land we are all a little apprehensive when it comes to booking any sort of break interstate. While overseas sojourns look like being a fair way off in the immediate future.

That’s not totally a bad thing as it does give us the opportunity of exploring our own backyard more intently than we may have previously. So, let’s explore some of the gems that are waiting for you in NSW.

This story is one that covers the first of two very distinct properties that fly under the banner and deliver the traveller a unique and genuine luxe experience without a too over the top price tag.

First cab off the travel rank sees me run the rule over the enchanting Circa 1928 in the border town of Albury.

Circa 1928

Is perfectly positioned on the tree lined “Paris end” of Albury’s Dean Street, with its striking exterior of sentinel like columns and classic Deco windows it’s a sight to behold in itself. Walking through the sizeable timber doors and entering the main lobby area will spontaneously give you a sense of calm and ease with the aromas and Kitabisa design relaxing you without it being a conscious decision. It just happens.

Circa 1928 is the second incarnation of this style of “spa hotel” for owners Kevin and Ririn Yaxley and they continue to impress with their passion and dedication to delivering you an experience of the senses. Visually, there is much to entertain the eye and with Ririn’s Indonesian background coming to the fore through the touchy-feely furnishings and general décor you are never short of your attention being taken for a optical ride.

This sensual engagement certainly continues when entering one of the sizeable suites which are so delightfully decorated you will probably spend a little more time than you normally would in your chosen room. In fact, with bathrooms that are as inviting and impressive as the ones on offer here and feature remarkable beaten copper bath tubs, even your partner will understand your extended WC time!

The Dean Suite

Is full of life and with splashing’s of my old mate and 1928 born art icon, Pro Harts works scattered throughout it once again will have you exploring your environs intently. A massive king bed will deliver the slumber you desire and it will be easy peasy to have a well-earned lie in.

The Stanley Suite

is an all abilities compliant suite and features the vibes of another 1928 celebrity in the ever-eccentric pop art icon Andy Warhol. Full of character, just like Warhol, the expansive 56m2 suite is a delight to behold. With its impressive stained-glass windows and its fantasy feel you may wish to get a little groovy yourself when choosing The Stanley as your play space. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Whichever you choose you will wake to an aesthetically appealing and healthy breakfast delivered to your suite and your day will certainly get out of the right side of the bed. Can it get better? [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]May I suggest that once you get your motor running, that you slip straight downstairs and into the onsite spa and indulge yourself with one of the eclectically named treatments that are available for all to savour. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Every treatment that you can imagine is available, from tints, waxing, scalp rituals and Mani’s and Pedis. Still I believe you need to go the whole hog when you have the opportunity, so get yourself and your partner and immerse yourselves in one of the couples treatments, like the “Yoko and John” or the “Bogie and Bacall” which finishes with a bottle of wine and a delectable platter. Whatever your choice, you will be floating in wonderland on completion. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]A stay at Circa 1928 comes inclusive with your choice of suite, scrumptious breakfast, in suite mini bar, night cap and refreshments in the lounge area from 5-6pm./p>

Experience the combination of historic beauty and modern-day furnishings at Circa 1928 and you will experience a special moment in life. That’s guaranteed.